Sunday, 13 December 2015

BUSINESS CARD IDEAS and LOGO - November 2015

above is the logo that I have created for my personal brand.

Updated CV - November 2015

97 Stopford Road,

Mobile: 07523257156

I am a creative, reliable and motivated individual, I take pride in the work I do and strive to make the best effort at any opportunities and duties I am faced with. I have 3+ years’ work experience that mainly consists of bar work and other hospitality roles, sales, charity work and supervisor training, but I am looking to find a role that will benefit my studies and further prepare me for the career path I hope to pursue.
I am currently studying Fashion Design at The University of East London, with a particular interest in the areas of menswear, fashion marketing, illustration and design. I am comfortable saying that I have enough relevant knowledge to allow me to pursue a job within the industry successfully, preferably retail, this has been gained through experience I have acquired from links in the industry, education, work experience and working amongst people in the field.
I am positive and friendly and I believe I am hardworking: as a team or alone. Whatever it is I am doing, I will try my hardest and work to the best of my ability. I love meeting new people and I am confident with starting conversations. I strive to learn something new every day and from that, be able to pass that knowledge on to other people.
I am a freelance illustrator, I recently started selling my prints and products, which are individually designed for each buyer, working independently has taught me a lot about sales and has really motivated me to interpret my work ethic into a role that will allow more time for my illustration but at the same time, teach me new things and motivate me in new and exciting ways.

*Website and portfolios if applicable: *


2008-2011 - 11 GCSE’s gained at grade A*-C, including Art & Design, Animation, French, English, Maths and Graphics
2011- 1 year A Levels studied in Photography, Fine Art and English Literature
2012-2014 - Extended Diploma Art & Design Fashion: MPP
2014- now - Fashion Design (BA HONS) with placement year at The University of East London

Work experience summary

Currently employed at : Urban Outfitters (Marble Arch) – Sales Assistant       

2 year’s voluntary work: 2011-2013
Welwyn Garden City,

The Crooked Chimney: July 2013- August 2014
Waitress/Bar Staff
01707 397021
Welwyn Garden City,

Isabel Hospice head office August 2014- May 2015
Telephone: 01707 382500
61 Bridge Road East,
Welwyn Garden City,

The Old Salt Quay  June 2015 – August 2015
Rotherhithe, London

The Walrus and The Carpenter, August 2015 – November 2015
Monument, London

General/Relevant Skills

·          Operating tills and money handling
·          Knowledge of Microsoft and Adobe programmes, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
·          Visual merchandising
·          Restocking
·          Team/Individual Work
·          Marketing knowledge
·          Conversational skills
·          Organisation Skills
·          Sales calls
·          Events planning
·          Illustration

More Progression


its been about a year since I started to put my illustration out publicly, and as a result of that, my work has massively developed. I have developed my own distinctive style of my subject. I have started writing more and gained the confidence to speak about my work and to let other people see it. I have sold my work and recieved amazing praise for my progress. I have really found something I love to do and want to carry on doing as long as I possibly can.

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Abbie Williams

Flat 6, Templars House, 1 University Way, LONDON E16 2GA | 07523257156 |

I believe I am a strong minded, determined and passionate person. I believe in being open to every opportunity. I am currently a fashion student at the University of East London, I have a wide knowledge of fashion and the industry, particularly in marketing and design. I also have previous retail and customer service experience. Living in London was always something I had my mind set on, and it’s everything I had expected, I’ve travelled more, been places and done so many new things. In my spare time I try and work as much as possible, I take a keen interest in photography, illustration and digital media. I and some friends at University are currently working on a zine project, about art and culture, where I write articles on fashion as an art form, I have very high hopes for it. Although in the future I hope to go into designing or marketing/sales, I enjoy working on this zine as a side project as it is something that keeps me motivating and teaches me new things about what I love. I pride myself in being free about who I am, in the way that I dress in the clothes I like, and I do the things that make me happy and seek out exciting opportunities for myself. I believe it is important to keep motivated and try new things every day. My friends describe me as a funny, outgoing, happy person, and I hope that has an effect on the people around me too.

I can work confidently with new people and customers, and create a happy environment. I love meeting new people and learning new things.
Skills in Photography
Skilled in technology, I am a quick learner, and keep my mind set on tasks at hand.
·  Adobe Programs including illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Microsoft Office – extended knowledge of all programs. Able to work on multiple desktops including Mac and Windows. Photo editing skills and writing skills at a high level.

September 2011-July 2012
Voluntary Sales Assistant,  YMCA
As part of a school project, I began volunteering in a charity shop that specialized in vintage clothing, and antique items. I worked shifts on and off in my spare time. Working voluntarily helped me to gain a lot of valuable experience that helped me in my every day life. I gained a lot of confidence in talking to people, and the sales side of a business, which is particularly interesting in a charity. I was also able to learn a lot about high end brands, old and current through the items we sold.
July 2013- August 2014
FOH Member,  The Crooked Chimney, Mitchells and Butlers PLC
For over a year I worked as part of an amazing team in an amazing local country pub. I met a lot of new people here and gained more confidence than ever before with new people, by being faced with customer related challenges. I worked on the bar and on the floor, working with money, sales, numbers and having to handle multiple activities at one time, for very long periods of time with a constant smile on my face. Of course at times the job was stressful, but I’ve spoken to so many interesting people, met celebrities, even designers by working on that bar, plus I came out of the job a confident, stronger willed person.

August 2015- Current Date
Sales Assistant,  Isabel Hospice
I was recently offered a role by a colleague I worked with at the YMCA, who thought I would be interested because of my aspirations in fashion. I am based in an office, in a small team of about 7 people. We are part of the Isabel Hospice charity, we work with the team that handle the donations for the countries charity shops, and we select the items that are more higher end, and sell them in other ways to more suit their value, therefore enabling us to raise more money for charity. It is non profit and 100% of our proceeds go to charity. This job has been incredibly rewarding for me, it was a new environment as I’d never worked in an office before, but I have learnt new computer and editing skills, photography skills, and I’ve worked closely with a lot of high end designer brands and have been able to see items up close. Brands such as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Austin Reed, Chanel, Dr Martens and Nike. This has helped my knowledge in Fashion, which has contributed a lot towards my work at University as well. I currently hold a casual contract here so I can fit my work schedule around my education. 


September 2012-June2014
North Hertfordshire College,  Level 3 BTEC EXTENDED DIPLOMA IN ART& DESIGN FASHION. 2 year course, graduated with grades MMP
September 2014-Current Date
The University of East London,  BA HONOURS: FASHION DESIGN
Also: Stanborough School, 2006-2011, Graduated with grades A-C in all subjects taken, included A in English Language and C in Mathematics. Other subjects also included, Art&Design, Graphics, ICT and French
6 months at Oaklands College from September 2011, studing English Literature, Photography and Fine Art at A LEVEL, left to study a different course.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

magazine archiving: THE FACE

I'd heard of the face before today but I'd never had a chance to read it, the first issue I picked up was the MARCH 1990 issue, featuring an interview with Morrissey. 
The magazine is honest, niche, a magazine based around music, and fashion but not self obsessive. It provides an insight into things people actually want to know about, but probably wouldn't think about. 
The articles are honestly written and the images are captivatingly raw. 
The magazine has a very London feel, grungey, cultural with a city feel. The kind of magazine you read and see places you recognize and have probably already been. 
Every page is different, addressing different issues and ignoring the ones everyone would have been talking about already, being effortlessly individual.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


I've always believed that art is something that cannot be taught, that it is something every person can individually interpret in their own way, that's why it is the most fascinating thing in the world. So to see people forcing the opinion that you have to have a degree in order to be a proclaimed artist, it's started to get aggravating. No person can be taught to be creative or be taught how to see things in a particular way, your sight is a sense that is completely personal to you, nobody else can see what you see. Of course you can be influenced and taught technique, but saying you have to have a degree in order to be an artist, or have a job in any type of artistic industry is a joke. Everyone is artistic, some more so than others, but it is a natural ability that some people choose to enjoy and make a living from, not a job, not a piece of paper.